yetris is a customizable Tetris(tm) clone for the console, from the same creator of nsnake. It aims to follow modern implementations with lots of features and please both casual players and Tetris(tm) enthusiasts.

It has full textual interface, with colors and many features:

yetris is developed on C and ncurses, running on (most) Linux terminals. It currently lacks some expected features but is on active development.

Also, the source code is clean and commented, allowing much better understanding and easing feature-implementation.





Just download and run.

GNU/Linux and MacOS/X

The following commands are a sure way to installing yetris:

$ wget -O yetris.tar.gz
$ tar -xzvf yetris.tar.gz
$ cd yetris-master
$ make
$ sudo make install

To test the game before installing:

$ make run

yetris is available on AUR (Arch Linux User Repository) and there are plans to make it to Debian.

$ yaourt -S yetris


Run yetris --help and yetris --usage. There's also a man page:

$ man yetris


| key | action | | ------------ | ------- | | Left, Right | Controls the piece | | Down | Soft-drop | | Space | Hard-drop | | c | Holds the piece | | z, x | Rotates the piece counter-clockwise and clockwise | | p | Pauses the game | | q | Quits the game at any time | | r | Restart game | | h | Show help window | | F2 | Switch statistics | | F3 | Show high scores | | F5 | Refresh game based on config file |


Huge thanks to karfield for fixing a great mistake regarding typedefs and inclusions.

Thanks to him, yetris now works on MacOsX! Do visit his page.


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